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A Roadrunner Appliance Service technician comes to your home or business, diagnoses the appliance repair problem, will recommend and/or perform the maintenance, repair or service needed to correct the problem. Of course we have to charge for providing this service. Appliance Repair Service Parker Castlerock Colorado

How do I determine the total bill to have my problem resolved?


(Sales tax – the Governor and Uncle Sam always get theirs)

Service Charge A service charge covers the cost of bringing a fully trained technician and his mobile shop to your home and diagnosing the problem. It also includes the repair estimate. It costs you to go to the grocery store or to work and all service companies have to recover these expenses.

There are companies who offer NO SERVICE / TRIP CHARGE WITH REPAIR and yet they are still incurring the expense of providing this service. What they typically do is to increase the price of the repair (hiding the charge) to more than recover those expenses. And, of course, if you do not have the repair done there will be a Service Charge. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH but we do offer Senior Discounts.

These are the most common ways companies charge a “Service Charge”

1) One flat rate which includes coming to your home or business, the diagnosis and the estimate.

2) A trip charge – for the time and mileage to come to your home or business plus a separate diagnostic charge for the unknown amount of time (labor) to determine the problem and provide a repair estimate.

Appliance Repair Service Parker Castlerock ColoradoRepairThis refers to what is charged for performing the maintenance, repair, or service required to resolve the problem with your appliance.

Here are the most common ways companies charge for “Repair/s”

1) A flat rate for the repair based on the part/s price and the standard labor rate for that repair or the standard labor rate when no parts are needed. This way you know what the total repair is before the job is done just like in most auto repair shops.

2) Charge for the part separate from the labor. In this way you know, up front, only the cost of the part but not the cost of the labor or the total of the repair until the job is done.

3) Straight labor where no parts are needed and there is no applicable “average/standard” time.

A ROADRUNNER APPLIANCE SERVICE uses the flat rate for both the Service Charge and Repair so you know what the charge will be for the trip and diagnosis, and/ or for the repair before you authorize either or both.

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