Oven / Range Electric



Problem/Symptoms Things to Check/Correct Result

Nothing working / only clock or lights working

No burners working and / or oven not working

Is it plugged in? No? Plug it in.

If it’s working, good job

Still not working? Please contact us for service.

Unit needs 240 volts to heat but only 120 volts for the control or lights.

Check breaker

Breaker may not looked tripped

Reset breaker by turning off and on

With plug in burners-

If some burners are working and others are not

Make sure the burner is properly plugged in.

Check to see if it will work in another position. If it does not the burner is bad and needs replaced.

If it does work the problem is likely in the control.

Glass / Ceramic Cooktops-

If one or more burners are working and one or more or part of one is not working

The unit has proper voltage, so the problem is inside the unit. Unless you are qualified to test and work on 240 volt circuits, we recommend you call for service.

Please contact us for service.

Burner control not working

There are no easy checks. Best left to a professional.

Oven control not working

Beeping/error code display

Oven temperature not right/not cooking right

Is oven door seal torn? Of so, it needs replaced.

Any other issue is best left to the professional.

Will not lock/self clean not working

Refer to user manual for proper clean setting.

Any other issue is best left to the professional.