Oven / Range Gas



Problem/Symptoms Things to Check/Correct Result

Nothing working

Is it plugged in? No? Plug it in.

If it’s working, good job

If still not working, please contact us for service.

Check breaker

Breaker may not looked tripped

Reset breaker by turning off and on

No burners working and/or oven not working

Will a burner light with a match? No?

Is the gas turned on? If off, turn it on.

Modern gas ovens can’t be manually lit.

If some burners are working and others are not

If there is a pilot, make sure it is lit.

If it is electric ignition, there may be a failure in the electrical spark system

Oven temperature not right

Not cooking right

Is oven door seal torn? If so, it needs replaced.

Any other issue is best left to the professional.

Will not lock/self cleaning not working

Refer to user manual for proper clean setting.

Any other issue is best left to the professional.

Smell gas

Slight smell? Turn off gas and call your gas company

If leak is in the appliance, please contact us for service.

Strong smell? Leave. Do not turn on or off any electrical device. CALL 911 FROM OUTSIDE.