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Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

We have almost 30 years of experience fixing refrigerators and freezers. We serve customers Refrigerator Freezer Repair Castlerockthroughout Douglas County, Southern Arapahoe County, and Southeast Jefferson County. We strive to be the best refrigerator or freezer repair company in Castlerock and surrounding areas.

Our service area includes: Agate, Calhan, Castle Pines, Castle Pines North, Castle Rock, Centennial, Deckers, Elbert, Elizabeth, Englewood, Foxfield, Franktown, Highlands Ranch, Kiowa, Larkspur, Littleton, Lone Tree, Louviers, Matheson, Monument, Parker, Ponderosa Park, Ramah, Roxborough, Sedalia, Simla, South Aurora.

We have put together some helpful appliance tips to help you check on a few things before sending A Roadrunner Appliance Service & Repair out to your home or work place.


Problem/Symptoms Things to Check/Correct Result
Not working at all/no lights nothing running Is it plugged in? No? Plug it in. If it’s working, good job


If still not working, please contact us for service.

Is there power to the plug? Try plugging something else into the plug and turning on the switch to verify.
Check breaker

Breaker may not looked tripped

Reset breaker by turning off and on

Not cooling/not freezing Check to see if it has accidently turned off. If so, then turn it on.
Clean the condensor (refer to your Owner’s Manual).
Make sure that the door(s) are fully closing. If there are obstructions, then remove them.
Leaking Turn water off to refrigerator-if the leak stops, locate leak
If still leaking-remove ice from bin and check bin for cracks
Icemaker in refrigerator or freezer not making ice Is icemaker turned on? If off, then turn it on.
Is the water turned on to the refrigerator or freezer? If off, then turn it on.
Ice not dispensing through door Check in auger bin – is there a block of ice preventing the auger from turning? Clear if needed.